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Ryan being a dork in GO! #52

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A Very Special Supernatural Special [x]


A Very Special Supernatural Special [x]

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gently bap your passum


gently bap your passum

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Favourite Phil is not on fire 5 moments 

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"I don’t care if you think I weigh too little or too much. I’ve had people tell me both at the same time. That shows you people will never be happy. They will always find a way to judge you, or point out things about you.
But it really doesn’t matter! You know what is good for you. You are good as you are. You don’t have to be like anyone else.
You should not listen to anyone else. If you’re happy or if you think you’re okay. Honestly, DON’T LISTEN.
If you are a bit underweight or overweight. It’s fine, really!” - Marzia Bisognin

October 21st: Happy 22nd Birthday Marzia Bisognin!

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Happy 22nd birthday, Marzia! 

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@TobyTurner When I make you laugh - I’m happy. When I make you know you’re loved - I’m satisfied.

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